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Let the natural light in, and protect yourself and your clients from the elements with a beautiful commercial glass canopy. Glass canopies are structures made of aluminum and glass that cover an entrance way, deck, patio, pool or doorway.

Commercial glass canopies are used for a variety of applications in many commercial buildings, such as hotels, retail, banks, office buildings, coffee shops, apartments and airports. Entrance canopies, covered walkways and loading bay canopies are all examples of where glass canopies are used in commercial settings. Most new buildings offer glass canopies at first story level so people stay dry when walk along the sidewalk.

What Design Choices Do I Have with Commercial Glass Canopies?

We offer glass canopies in standard and custom sizes, with a variety of framing, colour, glass thickness and attachment options. We can help with new installation or repair of broken glass on an existing residential glass canopy system.

Commercial glass canopies can be accented with various metals including decorated and galvanized mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel, all which can be professionally finished in an extensive array of surface treatments.

Our knowledgeable experts are familiar with all aspects of design and installation of glass canopies in commercial buildings. With extensive knowledge and thoughtful consideration of safety and building codes as well as impact of elements such as rain, snow, wind and seismic considerations, we can help you create a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing cover that provides protection from the elements while still letting natural light through.

Overhead glass coverings can help make a great first impression with your customers! For an estimate on commercial glass canopies installation or repairs, please contact us!

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