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west donlands

06  /   06   /   2021

The West Don Lands is intended to be a truly mixed use neighbourhood with residential, retail, recreation, education, and employment space. The proposed Block 20 development will be the first new development in this neighbourhood that includes substantial office space, while also having ground-floor retail and a wide variety of housing types, including both market and affordable rental housing.


The base building will accommodate 23,872m² of office space, plus 481m² of retail space at grade. In addition, housing diversity is coming in the form of 661 rental units in a range of sizes, 198 units of which are to be affordable rental. Families will be accommodated with 32.8% of units being 2-bedroom and 12.3% having 3 or more bedrooms. The West tower is to be 45 storeys, while the East tower steps down to 32.

For this project we installed windows and railings.

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